State of the Serverless WordPress

“Serverless” is a word you are probably hearing/reading around more and more times. Between the various definitions, I find this one from Wikipedia the clearest and most concise: “Serverless computing is a cloud-computing execution model in which the cloud provider runs the server, and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources” (NDR: so resources are not your problem anymore). WordPress + Serverless is a “yet problematic” combination, but with a great potential for some specific types of websites.

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Why you should use a CDN with WordPress

Whether you are reading this post in a mobile, tablet, or in a computer, the content in this post is shown to you via a CDN server near you. CDN means Content Delivery Network, which is almost similar to a cellphone tower. Based on your locations, the nearest server will handle your requests and interactions with your website.

Ok, what will happen without a CDN? Say for example, if your website is hosted in a US server and your client in Italy clicks a button on your website. The data has to travel nearly 8614 KMs from the US server to reach the user in Italy. Your user must wait patiently till the page loads.

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WordPress SEO plugins: Yoast vs The SEO Framework

Well-presented contents always get appreciations from readers. Contents which have easy to remember bite-sized small paragraphs, bulletin to see the important points, and relevant images to understand the concept, are always seen as good contents which can perform better.

Not only the readers but the search engine bots also love well-organized and easy to understand contents, but in their own way. Making contents search-engine friendly is referred to as SEO by the professionals.

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How to update WordPress the right way

Updating WordPress is as easy as updating your smartphones. With a single click, you will get the greatest and latest version of the WordPress engine running on your website. But, most of us hesitate to update our WordPress websites. No matter how big the update is or how cool the features are, we’re unwilling to do update the website, Why? Because we have qualms about it.

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The best caching plugin for WordPress is… no plugin!

Caching WordPress is a must, no doubts about this! It helps to speed up your website, save server resources (which means saving money!) and provide a better experience for your users, which usually love fast loading pages. Playing so important role is no surprise there are over 1.000 caching plugins only in the free repository. Well, let me go straight to the point: the best caching plugin for WordPress is… no plugin!

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Load testing WordPress plugins performances

When it comes to WordPress performance, a lot of players are involved and they all need to play together nicely to produce a robust and fast loading website. The hosting and the stack in general (caching, CDN, database) are of course critical, as well as the “size” of the site in terms of posts and images, and many other factors. 

In this article, we will focus on themes and plugins, which are equally important because every new plugin has an impact on the site’s performance, and a poorly coded theme can significantly slow down the entire site!

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Test WooCommerce checkout regularly and stay safe

The working life of a successful e-commerce website is a busy one. Well-built online stores appeal to customers with desirable products and stylish themes, crafted to build trust.

Behind the scenes, content management systems work hard to deliver smooth and seamless experiences that encourage sales transactions. Unfortunately, even the best sites tend to break down from time to time.

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