Customize the Easy Digital Downloads thank you page [visual guide]

When you run an e-commerce store, the “thank you” page is an important part of your set up as is the first thing the client will experience after completing a purchase. In this post, we will see how to customize the Easy Digital Downloads thank you page or replace it with a completely custom page.

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Easy Digital Downloads archive hooks [visual guide]

If you want to customize WordPress themes and plugins, the best way is using hooks and Easy Digital Downloads is no exception. Hooks allow you to add/remove elements to your design or change existing parts or strings in an “update-friendly way”, keep your code organized in the best way and comply with WordPress development standards.

Sometimes finding the right hook to use can be difficult, so I decided to put together some visual guides to easily visualize the most useful hooks for Easy Digital Downloads.

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Add custom checkout fields to Easy Digital Downloads

If you use Easy Digital Downloads for your e-commerce store, you are probably a fan of his minimal and straightforward checkout like I am. At the same time, I have to say it is not rare I need to implement custom checkout fields to collect additional information from users.

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The best caching plugin for WordPress is… no plugin!

Caching WordPress is a must, no doubts about this! It helps to speed up your website, save server resources (which means saving money!) and provide a better experience for your users, which usually love fast loading pages. Playing so important role is no surprise there are over 1.000 caching plugins only in the free repository. Well, let me go straight to the point: the best caching plugin for WordPress is… no plugin!

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The exciting career of a WordPress developer

WordPress is a powerhouse of the World Wide Web, with thirty percent of all websites using the platform. The flexibility and power that made it so popular with users make it an ideal framework for web developers. If you want to be an independent and creative contributor to the digital world, becoming a WordPress developer is an exciting and rewarding career choice. 

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Load testing WordPress plugins performances

When it comes to WordPress performance, a lot of players are involved and they all need to play together nicely to produce a robust and fast loading website. The hosting and the stack in general (caching, CDN, database) are of course critical, as well as the “size” of the site in terms of posts and images, and many other factors.Β 

In this article, we will focus on themes and plugins, which are equally important because every new plugin has an impact on the site’s performance, and a poorly coded theme can significantly slow down the entire site!

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Test WooCommerce checkout regularly and stay safe

The working life of a successful e-commerce website is a busy one. Well-built online stores appeal to customers with desirable products and stylish themes, crafted to build trust.

Behind the scenes, content management systems work hard to deliver smooth and seamless experiences that encourage sales transactions. Unfortunately, even the best sites tend to break down from time to time.

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7 things to expect from a professional WordPress developer

The website design process can be confusing if you are in the initial stages of planning a business website. As a WordPress developer, I have seen this many times. Perhaps if I share a few hints, it will help. These seven tips will set you on the right track to publishing your site and delivering the best outcome for your business objectives. 

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