Before being a programmer, I am mainly and proudly a doer.

I've built, launched, and (sometimes) crushed a good amount of side projects over the years, both for personal and business purpose. Here is a list of the most significant ones:

  • ChatGPT CLI

    An extra-minimalistic CLI tool written in Python for quick and easy access to ChatGPT directly from the terminal using the OpenAI API.


    Learn how to build AI-based applications using the LangChain framework with a minimalistic and practical approach, for free!

  • The Hacker Mindset

    How thinking like a hacker can improve your code, your coffee, and your life. This is my first published book and sold over 500 copies!

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  • OpenCIRT - Dreaming of a Safer Planet

    OpenCIRT allows any security researcher in the World to safely report vulnerabilities to any company in the World.

  • Words

    A paper book about words, travels, introspection, cryptography and more. Offline only.


  • Pagebrary - A place for meaningful Pages

    A simple and lightweight web app for passionate readers who wish to collect, organize and share their favorite book pages.