Hey! This website is now in read-only mode and it will no longer be updated. You can read why here and find me on my new site: frenxi.com

Hi, I’m Francesco!

A technology expert and software developer with a focus on results. Passionate about writing good and clean code, I provide my expertise to companies and agencies in a wide range of development areas:

Enterprise Development

Having worked with Gov Institutions in Europe and UAE, Italian and Canadian Universities, I am very comfortable with enterprise development flow and structured environment for key projects.

WordPress Engineering 

WordPress is often my go-to CMS. I use to code custom themes and plugins, extend it to meet any kind of need. I’m also very proficient with the most popular WP Plugins / Frameworks.


With 15+ successful e-commerce startups launched in last years, I can provide a complete set of solutions to start selling online any kind of product, from digital to physical.

API and Integrations

One software is never enough nowadays, but to reach high productivity standards they need to be integrated. Lets build your next sales, support or management flow using APIs.

Technical SEO

SEO is a must have for every web-based project, and an essential base for a good marketing strategy. I write code with SEO in mind, and can help you to audit and improve your existing codebase.

Business Consultancy

When it comes to business ideas right decision makes the difference. Talking with an experienced professional often help you to save time and money in business development and bootstrap your project.

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