6 things I learned today at “WooCommerce at Scale” webinar

Today I was very happy to join the “WooCommerce at a Scale” webinar by WPengine. Chris Lema and Jason Jaynes covered a lot of useful topics about using WooCommerce as  enterprise level platform. From a developer perspective, these are my best takeaways: Continue reading “6 things I learned today at “WooCommerce at Scale” webinar”

WooCommerce MeetUp Puglia #4

Yesterday I had the pleasure to take part to WooCommerce MeetUp Puglia #4 and share my experience about WordPress and WooCommerce APIs.

It was my first event and I have to say it is an awesome way to meet new friends with the same passion, share our stories, have fun and learn. I will enjoy more events in future for sure! Continue reading “WooCommerce MeetUp Puglia #4”

Managing country based products with WpEngine GeoIP and Easy Digital Downloads

Today I will talk about managing country based product with WpEngine GeoIP and Easy Digital Downloads.

On this website, I am not mainly focused on selling digital services, my primary purpose in to showcase my portfolio. But I also use Easy Digital Downloads to sell and manage some recurring services like hosting plans, SEO consultancy and code review. Continue reading “Managing country based products with WpEngine GeoIP and Easy Digital Downloads”

Do 404 errors impact SEO and search ranking?

How many times have you heard that the 404 error message (meaning “Page not Found”) influences positioning and indexing of web pages? I heard it many, many times! In this article, I will try to shed some light on how exactly a 404 error message influences SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Continue reading “Do 404 errors impact SEO and search ranking?”

App vs. mobile site, which is better?


One thing is for certain: a few weeks ago, Google officially stated that mobile search traffic has overtaken desktop traffic.

So, in case someone out there still hasn’t understood, any business that wants to keep up with the times and especially with its clients’ and users’ needs will have to develop a valid and effective mobile strategy.

At this stage, a question usually appears: is it best to optimize my website for mobile devices, or to develop a new app? Continue reading “App vs. mobile site, which is better?”

Presenting MolfettaExport.com

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to present the first behind-the-scenes look at the MolfettaExport.com project to the Associazione Imprenditori Molfetta.

The portal, which I worked on in conjunction with the TipTown team, was launched just a few days ago but has already had a positive response in terms of user traffic and especially of search engine positioning, thanks to excellent media activity.

Continue reading “Presenting MolfettaExport.com”

Google AdWords: Quality Score and Ad Rank

This article is the third in a series dedicated to Google AdWords, its advantages, its functions, and the best way to make use of them.

Today we will be talking about Quality Score, Ad Rank and second-price auction (the system Google uses), three fundamental concepts to maximize results of our web marketing campaigns with Google AdWords, and to understand the criteria through which Google gives priority to one advertisement rather than to another.

Continue reading “Google AdWords: Quality Score and Ad Rank”