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With more than 10 years of experience, I have proven track records of success in a wide array of projects. I prioritize long lasting business relationships over one-short tasks, and I can provide your company with the following services:

  • Managed WordPress Security

    The most comprehensive security solution for mission-critical WordPress websites. It brings tools, procedures, and expertise to safeguard your website, your data, and your customers.

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  • WebApp Penetration Testing

    Your data cannot be considered safe without professional penetration testing. Specifically crafted for E-commerce stores and GDPR-sensitive apps.

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  • Software Security

    Working side-by-side with your development team to bring security to your code, your procedures and your data.

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  • Firewall-as-as-Service

    For small businesses that cannot commit to a full-fledged security solution, a solid firewall is a must-have first security layer with an unbeatable price-to-value ratio.

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  • Consulting

    Who said that hackers are only supposed to work on code and servers? If you want to pick my brain or challenge me with "out-of-scope" requests, I might surprise you.


  • Software Development

    I am currently not onboarding any new customers for coding-related projects, sorry!

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