Going Beyond Code.

Specialized in enterprise development, software security and performance-oriented code, I deliver my services exclusively through Codeable.io, the premium freelancer platform that connects companies from around the globe with the top 2% of WordPress developers.

While my current focus is on WordPress, over the years I worked with many other CMSs (Drupal, Joomla, Ghost) and wrote production-ready code in many languages (PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, HTML/CSS).

Thanks to the experience acquired working on more than 1000 projects mainly with/for startups, I’ve seen “the bad, the good, and the ugly” of turning ideas in reality and building companies on the internet.

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Working remotely by choice and passion

I am a big supporter of remote work. Having a background as a designer/photographer in a traditional agency, working remotely was what gave me the time and the freedom to cultivate and grow my skills.

While Italy is the country I call home, I visited and worked in more than 25 countries as a digital nomad.

The first platform I used which allowed me to connect with companies all around the world was Odesk (nowadays Upwork). The new scenarios gave me the motivation to learn something new and in-demand like coding and fall in love with what now is not only my job, but also my passion and a big part of my life.

Today, at Codeable, our company-culture is strongly related to the remote and distributed work.

Creativity in coding and the semicolon mark

I don't particularly like personal logos, but you may have noted a semicolon on the top of this site.

I like the semicolon mark - ; - as a symbol of creativity in coding. Many think of coding as a strictly mathematical matter, but I believe you can be creative while solving problems or building things with code.

And the semicolon synthesizes this concept in a nice way! In some languages is a terminator, in others is a separator. Sometimes is strictly required to make your code work, sometimes it's not.

You can overcomplicate simplicity, or simplify complexity. But yet, is just a semicolon ;)

Giving back

I am a strong believer in giving back as a way to enhance your life. While is not easy to find time in our busy lives, I do my best to support organizations with a mission aligned with my values as well as local initiatives I encounter while traveling.

In tech, freecodecamp deserves a special mention as it allows people to seriously learn various coding skills for free. It's priceless.

In the WordPress community, I proudly took part as a speaker to: WordCamp Bari 2018, WordCamp Niš 2019, WordCamp Skopje 2019.

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