About Francesco

I've been working as a professional freelancer since 2007, starting with graphic design to slowly transitioning to web design, software development, and finally landing in the cybersecurity space where I've been growing my skills and passion in the last few years.

From 2017 to 2022 I've been one of the most productive software developers on the global platform Codeable.io, which connects companies from around the globe with the top 2% of WordPress developers. I worked with more than 150 companies from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 delivering more than 1400 projects, all with a perfect 5.0 score rating.

The majority were related to enterprise development, software security, and performance-oriented code, on a variety of technologies ranging from WordPress to Laravel, but also Python, Next.js, plain PHP, and many others. Thanks to the experience acquired working on a so diverse base of projects and scenarios, I’ve seen “the bad, the good, and the ugly” of turning ideas into reality and building companies on the internet.

While I still provide coding and software consulting services, my main focus is actually in the web security niche helping companies to secure their data, their assets, and build solid security procedures to implement security as a core principle throughout all the organization areas. I am also part of some of the most respectable white-hat hacking teams:

Working remotely by choice and passion

I am a big supporter of remote work, and working remotely since 2011 gave me the time and the freedom to cultivate and grow my skills.

While Italy is the country I call home, I visited and worked in more than 25 countries as a digital nomad.

The first platform I used which allowed me to connect with companies all around the world was Odesk (nowadays Upwork). The new scenarios gave me the motivation to learn something new and in demand like coding and fall in love with what now is not only my job but also my passion and a big part of my life.

Creativity in coding and the semicolon mark

I don't particularly like personal logos, but you may have noted a semicolon on the top of this site.

I like the semicolon mark ";" as a symbol of creativity in coding. Many think of coding as a strictly mathematical matter, but I believe you can be creative while solving problems or building things with code. And the semicolon synthesizes this concept in a nice way! In some languages is a terminator, in others is a separator. Sometimes is strictly required to make your code work, sometimes it's not.

You can overcomplicate simplicity, or simplify complexity. But yet, is just a semicolon ;)

Giving back

I am a strong believer in giving back as a way to enhance your life. While is not easy to find time in our busy lives, I do my best to support organizations with a mission aligned with my values as well as local initiatives I encounter while traveling.

In the WordPress community, I proudly took part as a speaker to: WordCamp Bari 2018, WordCamp Niš 2019, WordCamp Skopje 2019.

In 2023 I published my first hacking book: The Hacker Mindset.

Thanks for reading!