I am a technology expert and software developer running my business online since 2007. My primary focus is to help companies to reach desired results in their online and offline markets.

While doing this, I write code, integrate software, automate processes, advice the best online tools based on your needs and your industry.

I firmly believe in professionalism, expertise, and communication.

Working Remotely by Choice and Passion

My daily routine includes connecting with colleagues and clients in Germany, Denmark, United States, Australia and almost every country in Europe.

Being a distributed team, we always try to optimise time and resources, manage projects smartly and keep track of every decision, every revision, and every discussion.

This approach is scalable, valid for small projects and enterprise-grade one with hundreds of people involved. Furthermore, I have more time to cultivate my skills and enjoy beautiful working locations.

Working in Barcelona Couple of quick emails “with a view” in Barcelona Working in Warsaw Working peacefully from my hotel room in Warsaw Working in Warsaw Yes, I did it at Maldives! Working in Warsaw Work from a hammok? Done!

I’m very proud to be a part of Codeable Team

Codeable.io is the #1 outsourcing agency for WordPress, with a team of 300 highly skilled and intensely vetted web developers and engineers.

I am so pleased to be a part of this dynamic team, which gives me the opportunity to work with companies all around the word and share expertise with other experts in a continuous improvement learning cycle.

And of course, I have my own Codeable quality certificate.

Codeable Certificate

Sometimes, I speak at conferences

You can find me around the web

Feel free to connect on Twitter or write me at info [at] francescocarlucci.com!