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Easy Digital Downloads archive hooks [visual guide]

If you want to customize WordPress themes and plugins, the best way is using hooks and Easy Digital Downloads is no exception. Hooks allow you to add/remove elements to your design or change existing parts or strings in an “update-friendly way”, keep your code organized in the best way and comply with WordPress development standards.

Sometimes finding the right hook to use can be difficult, so I decided to put together some visual guides to easily visualize the most useful hooks for Easy Digital Downloads.

Ok, now you know it! Let’s see the visual guide for EDD loop, present in the archive, category and tag page.

Easy Digital Downloads archive hooks Full image

What you can do using these hooks:

Add content before the download item

Add content after the download title

Add content after the description/excerpt

Customize the price with labels and prefixes

Be careful, this affects all the prices, so you may need to add some conditional check for specific pages or products.

Add content after the price

Customize the buy button text

Add content after the download item

In case you are wondering where to add this code, the best ways are:

  • in a custom functionality plugin
  • using a snippets manager
  • in your child theme’s functions.php file

Here is a pretty good article by SkyVerge explaining why!

That’s all for now, but more EDD visual guides are on the way. You can also check this post if you need help adding custom checkout fields to EDD.