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Customize the Easy Digital Downloads thank you page [visual guide]

When you run an e-commerce store, the “thank you” page is an important part of your set up as is the first thing the client will experience after completing a purchase. In this post, we will see how to customize the Easy Digital Downloads thank you page or replace it with a completely custom page.

Redirect to the EDD Payment confirmation page

Easy Digital Downloads “thank you” page already is a standard page, you can ope in the editor and customize. But if for any reason you need to redirect it the code is very simple, and you only need to define the $success_page variable filling with the custom page path.

In case you need to include an order summary in your custom page, you can just use the [edd_receipt] and it will work like a charm even in a custom page!

EDD custom thank you page sample EDD custom thank you page backend

Instead, if you want to keep the default EDD thank you page but customize it with new elements, you can do it using action and filter hooks. Let’s see how:

EDD custom thank you visual guide Full image

Add content before the receipt

Add content after the receipt

Change the receipt products title

Add content after each downloadable file

Add content after receipt files table

And as you should know, you can add this code in a custom functionality plugin, using a snippets manager or in your child theme’s functions.php file.

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