Yet another Codeable review by an insider

Let’s start saying that I am a Codeable developer and of course, I love the place I work 🙂 But in this article, I’ll try to be neutral and stick to the facts to help you to understand if Codeable can be a good choice for your project.

How does Codeable work?

The best starting point to see if the platform can be good for you, is understanding how does it work. is slightly different for the “classical” freelancing/outsourcing marketplaces.

Codeable homepage

WordPress developers can’t just sign up to the site, they have to apply and go through a very strict vetting process which includes not only coding tests, but also soft skills and attitude to remote project management. So, when you post a project on Codeable, there is only a restricted number (about 380 at the time of writing) of highly vetted developers which are allowed to estimate for it.

But wait, there is much more. To facilitate the work of the “Codeable experts”, there is a separate team: the Codeable Support (CS). This team is also mainly formed by experienced developers, but his work is to made sure each customer gets “matched” with the right expert.

Now, the fact that all the developers have proven capabilities does not mean “everyone can do anything”. There are projects which require very “vertical” skills on a specific theme or plugin, and also, there can be other preference parameters from the customer (like language, location, solo-dev/team). So, the CS work is to assist users to find the right expert based on personal preference and project requirements.

Plainly, if you need help (for instance) with a Gravity Form integration with a 3rd party provider, your project will be discussed only with experts who know Gravity Form inside-out and we try to make it happen for every skill, like:

  • WooCommerce –
  • WPML –
  • CRO –
  • The list is long, as we cover almost everything related to WordPress 🙂

What happens after you post your project

After you post a project on, the best-suited experts will be ready to discuss it usually in a range of minutes. This phase is critically important because the developers translate your project description in a full scope of work (SOW).

The SOW if where we define what will be the outcome of the project, the technical details worth mentioning, the timeline and the phases of the project (even for small ones!) and of course any other detail considered valuable for the customer. This way, you will be sure to know exactly what you will get before hiring your developer.

Only when the scope is clear and defined, the project gets estimated by 2/3 developers, and you will see only one price which is the average of the developer’s estimate. While this seems a weird method, this probably our secret sauce because:

  • stops the race to the bottom (which is the primary cause of poor quality code)
  • is not confusing for the client
  • allows you to focus only on the developer profiles and choose the best based on the technical proposal and the CV

Talking about the CV, every expert has his own profile you can review before hiring him (oh, this is mine).

Hiring a WordPress expert

When you are ready to hire your Codeable developer, simply click the “hire” button and you will be prompted to fund the project for the full amount. The money does not go straight to the expert, they are just deposited in an escrow service managed by Codeable and will be released only when the project is complete and you confirm everything is good.

We call it the “Codeable money-back guarantee” and protects both parties because:

  • the client knows his money is safe in case anything will go wrong with the project (which happens extremely rarely, as 98.9% of all our projects are completed with 5 out of 5-star ratings to our experts and wonderful reviews)
  • the expert is guaranteed to be paid if he does the job properly

Speaking about the practical part, when the project starts the chatroom is turned in a private workroom when we usually post regular updates about the project itself e cooperate with the client.

Experts usually like to keep the communication on Codeable, to allow the CS to stay updated with the project status and help if needed.

However, is also possible to move the communication, on Skype, Trello, Asana or wherever tool you like/use. This also depends on the size of the project and the team involved.

After the project completion

When the project is complete, the workroom stays fully active in case you need to reach your expert directly for any question, to create additional tasks, to discuss a new project or just to say “hi” 🙂

So… is Codeable for everyone?

Well, while we try to help everyone in the best way possible, I personally believe there are cases when Codeable is not the right place for you:

  • if you are on a too strict budget as our recommended rates range USD $70 – $120 per hour and are based on the scope, complexity, and urgency
  • if you have unrealistic expectations
  • if you don’t prioritize/value quality, because Codeable is “all about Quality”

I hope my overview was helpful to get an idea of what Codeable is and how it works.

If you have any question/curiosity, or if you are interested in aspects not covered in this post, feel free to ask in comments and I’ll be happy to answer 😉

Instead, if you are ready to give it a try, posting your project is 5 minutes, free and risk-free. Just click here and get started!