Test WooCommerce checkout regularly and stay safe

The working life of a successful e-commerce website is a busy one. Well-built online stores appeal to customers with desirable products and stylish themes, crafted to build trust.

Behind the scenes, content management systems work hard to deliver smooth and seamless experiences that encourage sales transactions. Unfortunately, even the best sites tend to break down from time to time.

WordPress has so many plugins working together that changes or updates can cause disruption too easily. The checkout process is a sensitive point where any interference will undermine customer trust, which is why ongoing checkout tests are crucial to the smooth operation of any successful online store.

Online shopping Test WooCommerce checkout to keep the shopping experience at his best

Test WooCommerce Checkout Pages After Every Change

The checkout page is critical because all of your income depends on customers having a smooth checkout experience. Anything else means you lose income and it discourages visitors from coming back. If you can’t tell whether your checkout page is doing the best job, you may be losing revenue, or worse, credibility.

One of the things that a professional developer will do to complete your website build is to test everything before releasing it on the Web. After that, you will eventually need to add features and update functionalities.

The danger is that even a simple WordPress or plugin update can break your site. Test your site every time you change it, and you will prevent any disruption to your business.

WordPress Developers Test Everything

Like so many things in life and business, there may be no credit for getting it right (apart from earning income), but there can be harsh penalties for even the smallest glitches. Fortunately, since WordPress and WooCommerce are leading providers of e-commerce solutions, there is a vast ecology of developers who support them.

It’s always likely that someone has encountered the same problems and errors before you. There are a few useful tools to test WooCommerce checkout functionality for plugin conflicts and broken code like Robot Ninja, or Ghost Inspector.

Functional testing is a type of performance analysis that ensures your site visitors can complete the buying process and become customers. Any failure on your checkout page is critical, so it’s where functional testing can add the most value.

The natural temptation is to publish blindly, add new plugins, run updates, and hope for the best without testing. Nobody gets that lucky. If there is even a minor fault on a page of your site, it will discourage visitors from completing their purchases.

A Sales Funnel Interrupted Turns Buyers Away

There is a natural emotional ebb and flow to any purchasing experience. Whether you are shopping in a store in your local shopping district, at home shopping online, or adding an item a purchase order for a company account, it can be a rollercoaster ride.

There is the pleasure of anticipating the acquisition, followed by the terror of exposing your financial profile to potential abuse.

When anything is incongruent on your checkout page, it is something that the human brain is wired to detect and fear. In online shopping, the journey through the shopping cart to the final click of commitment is when the anxiety is most acute. Any disconnect delay or failure is most likely to turn you away, shoppers either delay the purchase or go looking for another seller.

Test Your WooCommerce Checkout After Every Change

So, testing WooCommerce checkout pages is a small step that can have a disproportionate impact on your income. Just adding a new product, adding an update, or making some minor change to your settings can lead to unexpected results.

If a broken checkout page only reveals itself after you discover a dip in traffic or a spike of abandoned shopping carts, it can be an expensive error to fix.

The best preventative for a broken e-commerce website is end-to-end testing by your WooCommerce website development professional. You can assure performance across your site. A smooth transaction experience means everyone stays happy.

If you have invested your wealth and gone to great lengths to create a successful online shopping experience for your buyers, then it goes to reason that you will do everything to refine your website, which means taking the time to test WooCommerce checkout pages.

How to start end-to-end testing your WooCommerce site

Here is an official guide about WooCommerce testing, but being a very technical topic, you should consider talking with your developer and including it in your regular maintenance plan.