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7 things to expect from a professional WordPress developer

The website design process can be confusing if you are in the initial stages of planning a business website. As a WordPress developer, I have seen this many times. Perhaps if I share a few hints, it will help. These seven tips will set you on the right track to publishing your site and delivering the best outcome for your business objectives. 

Web design process

The website design process

Design matters for websites! When you publish a site, its presence makes a statement about taste, design, and the personality of your brand. As a WordPress designer, I play both of the rolls as WordPress theme development artist and technician. As a professional website designer, I blend artistic skills with the logic of programming to express your brand and communicate your message.

Software and data security

Information is one of your most valuable assets. If you collect and store the personal identifying information of your visitors, you are responsible for keeping it safe. Working with a professional business website developer is vital if you handle customer data. I will help you avoid the traps and take advantage of all of the tools that keep your data safe.

Fast loading sites

Visitors to your site will not tolerate slow-loading content. WordPress offers plugins to increase page-loading speeds, but, as a WordPress developer, I will know how to design your website to load your content in your audience’s screens in the blink of an eye.

Plugin selection

WordPress is so powerful and popular because it is infinitely extensible. WordPress has a library of more than 50,000 plugins that developers have shared. If the right plugin is not available, I can build a custom plugin for you or create a solution using custom code.

Custom coded features

WordPress allows you to control the look and functionality by inserting custom code into your pages. A WordPress developer can make easy work of the technical aspects of writing code, whether it is to enhance the look of your site, make it run faster, or use an API to connect to an application.

SEO for organic traffic

Search Engine Optimization or SEO makes it easier for people who are interested in what you offer to find your website. Did you know your website has two different audiences? You mean to reach out to human readers of course, however, you must design your site and its content to appeal to machines too. Humans will find you more easily if the machines find you first.

Search engines like Google and Bing constantly scour the World Wide Web and rank pages compared to the keyword phrases that human visitors seek. Applying the principles of SEO to your website will enhance your chances of winning this valuable organic traffic. 

An audience that converts

Attracting traffic to your website is the first step. The audience that visits is only useful to you if they click on the links that support your business goals. Whether you attract your traffic organically or from ads, your website has to act as a funnel that guides your visitors to take action and converts them into paying customers for your business.

WordPress is so versatile that you may feel overwhelmed by the choices and possibilities as you prepare to launch your website. Working with an experienced and certified WordPress developer will ensure that the result is a beautiful, well-designed, fast loading, and secure platform at the end of the business website design process.

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